Occupational Health

Give your extraordinary employees a healthy work environment.

Building a healthy business is key to the overall success of your company. And it begins with your employee’s overall health and wellness. Companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region take advantage of the high quality, comprehensive services offered by Covenant Occupational Health and Wellness. Our program is recognized for providing outstanding customer service and a full spectrum of services for employers in our market. So you can be on your way to building a healthier business for you and your employees.

Here’s what makes Covenant’s Occupational Health and Wellness program extraordinary:

  • Board certified physicians
  • Highly skilled team of physical therapists and health professionals
  • Helping more than 3,600 employers in the Great Lakes Bay Region
  • Provides case management support via follow-through and injury tracking
  • Provides comprehensive evaluations to place employees in the right job (maximizing their strength and minimizing the potential for workers’ comprehensive claims)
  • Recognized as an industry leader throughout Michigan
  • Returns 99% of employees to work on the same day

We are committed to helping you develop a healthy and productive workplace. Our services include:

  • Compliance management and monitoring
  • Employee education
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Injury/illness management
  • Rehabilitation

An extraordinary workplace begins with a healthy environment. To learn more about Covenant Occupational Health and Wellness, call us at 989.751.7667 or submit your information here